‘Paradise’ from Truly Holy wastes no time. It kicks of straight away into a heavy roll of guitar and drums and ranting vocals. Paradise as it is referred to in this song seems like an idea, rather than an actual place. We all crave a holiday, but Truly Holy seem to fixate on the idea of escapism – leaving the rat race and shit fight of modern living for spacious places.

It’s a nice idea, I’m sure everyone would like to up and fuck off to a sandy beach. The thing that ‘Paradise’ seems to convey is that paradise might actually be a state of mind, a disconnection from reality and a coping mechanism for dealing with the bullshit in life. There is some danger with this, as no one can tell you to come back from the depths of your own mind.

“Why would I ever want to leave / Why would I ever want to go home?” is a major mantra within the delirious ranting vocals. It sounds like a man so confident that all he needs is a little time off that he can’t see how he is slowly growing apart from society. He can’t find his way back; he can’t tell what is real. The discordant nature of the music communicates this mental breakdown pretty well. How much time has passed? How much is lost?

Truly Holy used to go by the name Straw King Eye. ‘Paradise’ was recorded with Marcus Hobbs from East Brunswick All Girls Choir and mastered by Eddy Current’s Mikey Young. It’s a ripper trip, an aural escape to uncomfortable territory. Do listen.