Matt Kennedy has made his career as the principal songwriter / creative force of Kitchen’s Floor. His brand of downer, low fidelity bedroom rock has earned acclaim for its genuine, and dark, nature – his recorded work is brimming with malaise, depressive thoughts and genuine hopelessness. His latest experiment, Excess, is a large jump stylistically and technically but it still has that signature Kennedy imprint of bleak misery.

Excess released an EP around May this year. It takes form in the shape of downer electronic noise created entirely on keyboard. The songs on the Excess EP are made up of strong repetitive, yet driven, beats and spacey keys. Though not as polished technically as many other underground electronic artists, Kennedy manages to convey his perpetual gloom accurately through this new form of expression. Kitchen’s Floor was always rough around the edges and that is part of its charm, Excess is no different.

‘Tunnel Vision’ sees Kennedy enlist the help of Robert “Bobby Bot” Vagg of Wonderfuls for some vocal work. Both musicians dabble with expressing confronting life realities in their work, so it’s a nice fit. ‘Tunnel Vision’ strays away from the beat heavy work of the EP and goes for a cathedral organ-like sound.

The vocals touch on living in isolation; moving through the tunnels of society, hidden and unseen – finding solace in the shadows. Becoming shades of human beings – haunted by dreams and the light of day. It’s bleak, but you saw that coming. It’s an interesting move and it’s impactful as hell. Kennedy is slowly finding his footing in this new genre. I’m excited to see where it leads, even if it’s further into darkness