I’m digging this new demo from Melbourne RnB artist, Fatti Frances. FF has been releasing tunes under this moniker for some time and I think she is one of the most interesting names in the Australian electro-RnB scene.

‘Playeing’ is a simple, no vocals demo that shows a change in sound from previous releases. The piece is different from most of the sound featured on FF’s 2013 album, Lie To Me. Where the LP had a glossy, pop drenched feel, ‘Playeing’ digs deeper into some harder electro techniques – some new territory, a new approach.

Growth is always a part of the game and it’s nice to see a musician keeping fans abreast of her ideas and experiments when she doesn’t have to. To me it seems like an exploration into some of the newer trends emerging in electronic RnB production. I think there are elements of trap and dubstep, it’s groovy and woozy. I’m curious to see if this develops into a fully fledged song with vocals and to see where the RnB influences fit.

I’m not as well versed on electronic music or genres as I’d like to be. This is the closest approximation I could describe without getting it wrong entirely thanks to poor word choices. Regardless, there are things that never change. Like always, FF keeps it sweaty, sexual and satisfying. I can’t wait for more.