‘Accelerate’ is a new heavy-riffin’ jam/demo from Danger Beach. The Canberra based outfit is fronted primarily by Lachlan Thomas and Danger Beach are a part of the Dream Damage roster, so this means they are label mates and sometimes collaborators with ACT-based TV Colours.

Right off the bat my heart starts racing; it’s like I have been transported to the start line at a street race in Neo-Tokyo. A tire-like guitar squeal cuts the air along with the arcade game battle-esque backing. The drums pump and pummel, unremitting – matching your heartbeat if not increasing it. ‘Accelerate’ is an appropriate title, I guess. I wouldn’t trust myself to get behind the wheel with it playing, though – I might think I’m playing Gran Turismo.

This track and a recently released track, ‘Unhallowed’, are a big departure from the style established in the fantastic 2012 LP, Pacific. There are common thematic links such as the recognisable approach to guitar (futuristic, yet roughed up) yet it there are stark differences as well – a greater use of synth, no vocals, a change of sonic scenery. There doesn’t seem to be any official word of what these tracks are for, maybe they are just simply some of the newer ideas Lachlan Thomas is working. Regardless, ‘Accelerate’ is an interesting blip on the Danger Beach radar; let’s see where it goes.