Life sucks sometimes. It does! It’s not easy and there is sweet fuck all most of us can do about it except suck it up and get on with it. As harsh a truth-bomb as that is, it can be at times comforting to know that everyone else is in the thick of it too. No band has managed to convey that reassuring feeling lately as well as Brisbane four-piece, Babaganouj.

Their 2013 EP was called Sife Lucks. See? They accept it – right there – but they manage to turn the vibe around with some playful letter arrangement and some brilliant rock’n’roll songs. Their latest single, ‘Bluff’ is another chapter in Babaganouj’s book on life. This segment is about relationships (well, maybe their second or third chapter on relationships – they’re a big deal) and how you can’t always live up to someone else’s expectations, and they yours. The bluff in particular is the lie that things always work out alright. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

Babaganouj have a great talent for making harsh truths easy to swallow and digest. They communicate the frustration and disconnectedness with groove and melody – it doesn’t necessarily soften the emotional blow but it doesn’t leave you wallowing either. They blast away the bad times with powerful guitars and sooth the wounds with sweet vocals.

If you get bogged down, in love, work, life I’d say give ‘Bluff’ a spin. Put it on in the car, drive with the windows down. Tell me it doesn’t make things feel ok, just a little. It might not help you get over him/her, but at least know you ain’t the only poor soul walking down the same roads.