Moses Gunn Collective have maintained a strong following over the past few years in Brisbane thanks to some healthy collaborations with other bands and a commitment to their own kaleidoscopic identity. Sharing members with numerous other bands in the Brisbane, West End set (The Belligerents, The Furrs, Orphans Orphans), Moses Gunn Collective have always been a consistent outfit (yet at times forgotten when compared to its peers).

The latest single from MGC is ‘Shalala’, a heady mind-bender full of psychotropic tropes and hazy melodies. It is a solid song, setting itself firmly at the head of the new wave of lush psych coming out of Brisbane. High pitched vocals and harmonies in the chorus create a nicely uplifting groove – the guitars are suitably woozy and the synths add tonnes of atmosphere.

It sounds like some cues have been taken from the Arctic Monkey’s latest record (though less rock’n’roll, I guess) but overall Shalala is a great way for Moses Gunn Collective to re-introduce themselves to the music listeners of Australia.