Funnily enough, Alex Cameron from Bad//Dreems actually wrote my first piece of fan mail. He said he really enjoyed my piece on Per Purpose and to keep my ear out for Bad//Dreems in the future. Less than a year later, Bad//Dreems were taking off and doing really amazing things. I can’t help but be supportive of their music, somewhat due to sentimentality but mostly because their music is so, fucking, good.

Their songs are often about loneliness and isolation backed ably by beautiful musicianship; arid, wind blown riffs mix with raspy, throaty vocals. Bad//Dreems mix contemporary garage aesthetic with heady Australiana and relatable, wounding stories – a savvy combination. ‘My Only Friend’ continues the trend of parched lamentation, overlaying the morose yet stirring guitars and heart thumping drums.

The song is grim, but it is affecting. It sounds like a week of bad days and fuck ups ending in on a low note, like being broken up with. As pessimistic as the song sounds, it’s still a beautiful release.