Liam Kenny is one of the busiest men in Australian music. From Bitch Prefect to Peak Twins to The Friendsters, he divides his time between some of the most acclaimed bands in the Australian underground. Where he finds time for himself personally is beyond me, but he has found time for himself musically with his latest project, a solo album called A Kenny For Your Thoughts.

Alongside Jack Farley, Liam Kenny has made a list of songs taken from other well known artists and given them a little twist. Scratch that, the twist is far from little. Kenny turns the songs upside down and shakes them, collecting what falls out of their pockets and turns that into a song. It’s hard to even call it a cover band, because what is churned out is beyond your run of the mill, Like-A-Version fuck up.

‘Avalanche’ is a Leonard Cohen song, but you wouldn’t know that by listening. This song is relentless. It’s a glimpse into the future where technology rules and humanity has irrevocably changed. Jarring, discordant; the sounds emitted from Kenny’s instruments are otherworldly, and as such, so is this song.

AKFTY’s album will feature many other Australian musicians such as Martin Frawley, Amy Hill, Joel Carey, Justin Fuller, Ela Stiles, Al Montfort, Pat Telfer, Amy Franz and Jack Mannix. With this much input and Liam’s choice to appropriate other songs, I am hesitant to call this a solo outing. Things are chopped and changed enough to make the point irrelevant though, so I’m not going to lose sleep on it. I am extremely curious to hear the rest of what he has to offer.

The full album will be out soon on it Records.

Oh, and here is Leonard Cohen’s version if you are curious: