Listen: Peter Escott – ‘My Heaven, My Rules’


One half of The Native Cats, Peter Escott has a reputation for creating impactful and thoughtful tunes. Dallas, last year’s impressive effort from Escott and band-mate Julian Teakle blended bass and electronics in a way that made it sound more than it was.

Peter Escott’s vocals are one of the most striking components of The Native Cats’ sound; his well-read lyrics and pitch perfect low-end delivery make him one of the best and exhilarating vocalists in Australia. Escott will be releasing a solo album through Bedroom Suck later in the year. Piano, synth, guitar and, of course, those striking vocals feature heavily on The Long O, a follow up to the instrumental Slowcoach.

‘My Heaven, My Rules’ is an incredible slice of Escott, haunting piano and crooning vocals. It sounds like an ode to slow self-destruction and the crumbling of a relationship as a result. I could be wrong, but whatever – just listen to the fucking song.