In Review: WHITE HEX – GOLD NIGHTS (felte, it Records, 2014)


Atmosphere is an incredible buzz word to use when describing music because it says so much without really saying anything. It is almost a cop out to say that a song is heavy in atmosphere without going deeper.

With that being said, Gold Nights by White Hex has a shit-load of atmosphere.

The duo of Jimi Kritzler (Slug Guts, ON/OXX) and Tara Green has made an exceptional record of dense and danceable music which oozes equal parts glamour and unease. The night-life aura surrounding Gold Nights incorporates dazzling sophistication and dizzying excess, layered thickly on a base of wickedness and desperation.

The record sounds like an ode to unattainable luxury and the things one has to do to get a taste of it. Synths and keys shine and sparkle, like neon street signs and strobe lights; the twisted guitar opens up the dark spaces – unlit alleyways between buildings and the dim corners of dance clubs. Tara Green’s vocals are the consistent highlight – a powerhouse performance, convincing emotionally and executed perfectly. The arrangements are lush and production quality is high, the way music like this should be.

To say a song has incredible atmospherics is to describe the almost tangible feel of sound. Gold Nights is viscous, gelatinous; it plays like a room of people moving in tandem – body heat and friction slowly building in a confined space. The lights are bright and blinding, but not knowing what is hidden in the shadows makes this piece of work  more enthralling.

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