Slowly building up momentum over the past year and a half is Brisbane based psych outfit, The Good Sports. They have just dropped their latest diddy, ‘No Sleep Pt. 2’ and it is an amazingly relatable tune.

It’s a surprisingly inward looking song for a band so great at producing expansive sounds. For our party-mad generation this could be one of the most relatable tunes of the year.

Hook-laden and groove heavy yet combined with candidly honest lyrics, ‘No Sleep Pt. 2’ explores the freedom of youth, the dread of aging, the terror of reality and the comfort of denial. The refrain, “I’ll be alright/ just need to get some sleep tonight/ then I’ll be fine” hits all to close to home as the damage of a lifestyle of excess becomes evident.

This is a great song — one that took me by surprise. This is a great example of psych music being more than hazy drug anthems. These guys are self-aware, which means their tunes are less odes to substance use and more just songs with substance.

The Good Sports are getting closer and closer to finding their sound. Soon enough they’ll be able to stand up and be counted amongst Australia’s contemporary psych pioneers. Look out for an EP in the near future.

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