Adelaide is on fire. Not literally — it’s not bushfire season — but figuratively the city is alight with solid, entertaining bands. The past two years have unearthed a slew of unique and exciting sounds. Bad//Dreems, Rule of Thirds, Summer Flake and B*tch Prefect are some names you might recognise, here is one more for the list: Wireheads.

Wireheads play a certain brand of unrefined slack-jawed blues infused with Australian strine (think Bad//Dreems after a carton and a half of Coopers). Their music embodies abstract concepts like asphalt heat waves and hot, dry breezes. ‘Five Grand’ is a sonic work of roughly hewn riffs mixed with strung out violin — a great mix. The vocals are ragged and often indecipherable yet they add to the mix well, making a chaotic blend that retains groove and bounce.

Their newest LP, The Late Great Wireheads continues this trend with gusto; gravelly vocals, guitar squalls and all. Grab a copy from Format Records.