Listen: BLOODS – ‘WANT IT’


Bloods have always excelled with up-tempo compositions. They tread the line between a controlled bounce and a bombastic blowout, combining both in a happy medium.

‘Want It’ is their brand new single, giving us a taste of their new material ahead of their hotly anticipated full length album. It’s a subtly seductive song amidst the throb and smack of the rhythm section. The opening line, “When you walk, when you walk, when you walk/ you know they want it”, makes it seem like a song about confidence, yet there is an edge amidst the smooth vocals and backing harmony that belies something devilish.

The video is a load of fun, showing band members MC, Sweetie and Dirk in tri-colour. This is a great addition to the Bloods catalogue, building upon my eagerness for their next album and a desire to lose my shit to this song live. We may get a chance for the latter soon, as Bloods are hitting the road with Major Leagues on a quick tour. The new album will be out soon on Tiny Galaxy.